June 13, 2006


I went to the doctor and the dentist today and both of them required that I fill in my medical history. Each form contained a section with the instructions "Indicate if you have or have had any of the following problems:" This was followed by a list of ailments, diseases, and afflictions. For example:

- headaches
- constipation
- diarhea
- veneral disease
- scarlet fever
- high blood pressure
- diabetes
- angina
- depression
- neck pain

And so on.

So, I checked all the boxes that applied to me as instructed.

Both the doctor and the dentist looked at me alarmed and asked, "You have headaches?"

I was perplexed by their expression and responded, "I don't have a headache now. I have had a headache before and I imagine that I will have one again at some point." I also laughed and pointed out that I was merely answering the question as posed to me. I have had headaches.

They seemed to think that I was indicating that I get headaches regularly or that it is some sort of ongoing affliction.

I also checked the box next to scarlet fever, but they did not act as if that I were walking around with that.

The question is clear and I responded to it as such. But my dentist and my doctor seemed to think I was saying something else.

I wonder what other people mean when they're responding to that question.

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