June 07, 2006

Train Crashes into a Busload of Nuns, Puppies, Kittens, and Babies Thus creating a Disaster so Big that the Balance of Good and Evil is Unset and the Earth Spins out of Orbit and Crashes into the Sun: Film at Eleven

"What could Flibby be talking about?" That's what people in caves are asking.

YOU, kind, gentle, cultured readers of good taste, of course watched the premier episodes of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, which is a reality show that shows us highlights from an event that rivals the one described in the headline of this post.

Wasn't that fun when we were all collectively tuned in to see Janice Dickinson utter such gems as, "I have two words for you: OUT!" and, "Africa is my favorite place on the planet!" And didn't you almost blow Spaghetti Oh's out of your nose like me when she told a homeless girl to get a nose job? Or did you miss it because you were still laughing about the fact that she asked a homeless girl in to be a model?

And is it just me or does Janice have terrible taste in women? I mean, some of those guys are unquestionably hot, but pretty much all of those girls (Except that one named Nads or something. Seriously, parents, do not name your children after your favorite depilatory product. Yes, parents of Veet, I'm talking to you, too.) were uggos. 5's at best.

So, how about this: You can come over next time it's on and we can watch it together. That would be awesome.

Posted by Flibbertigibbet at June 7, 2006 07:41 PM | TrackBack

Sounds great! When's it on?

Posted by: Carla at June 7, 2006 09:34 PM

Uh, that is my new obsession. The Janice Dickinson modeling agency will rule the world...you just wait. She's such a damned trainwreck...I love it. I think she's had even more plastic surgery since the Surreal Life where she tried to kill Omarosa.

Also, I found it hilarious when she dismissed that one girl for having a flappy ass saying, "If I don't have flab, neither can you." Uh, well bitch you get yours sucked out...that's not the same as working it off.

Posted by: Britton at June 8, 2006 08:50 AM
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