April 28, 2006

Let Me Tell You A Story

3/15 - Cancelled service with Dish Network and had them send the equipment return boxes to my parent's house since they have the equipment.

3/28 - Am alerted by my property manager that strange boxes have arrived at my house.

3/29 - emailed Dishnet Work to alert them of the error.

4/3 - Still no word fromm Dish Network, so I call. They say they recieved my email and the boxes are now on their way to the correct address.

4/7 - Recieve response to my email saying the boxes are on their way.

4/18 - Still no boxes, so I call. Jason says the boxes are on their way to my parent's house as requested.

4/28 1:30 - Still no boxes, so I call. Sierra says the boxes have been delivered to my house. I inform her of the prior two requests and she apologizes and resends shiping lables. She can't send boxes this time for some reason, but suggests that I go to the grocery store and just get some there.

I think I'm going to call back later and speak with a supervisor to see if I can get actual boxes sent.

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