April 13, 2006

I'm a Handshake Person

They do crazy polls on the intranet at my new job. Here's this week's:

Media reports indicate that a simple kiss on the cheek is gaining acceptability as a form of greeting. Do you think a kiss is ever appropriate as a greeting in a business setting?

I am very much a handshake person by nature. I don't mind hugs with my friends if my friends are huggy people. I do tend to be more comfortable hugging women than men. A couple of my female friends like to kiss on the cheek, which I am also comfortable doing. I do not think I would be ok if one of my male friends took to kissing me on the cheek, though.

So, that said, I actually voted that kissing on the cheek is OK among established relationships. And strangely, I found myself in the minority on this poll.

Yes, it’s OK anytime. : 1.60%
Yes, but only if the relationship is well established.: 12.00%
It depends entirely on the situation.: 29.60%
No, but hugs are sometimes OK.: 28.00%
No, only handshakes are appropriate.: 28.80%

And then I remembered that much of the company is in Arkansas and not New York.

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Posted by: vivefresh at April 14, 2006 05:39 PM

Now, V, you know you're one of the people I smooch readily.

I even think there's something wrong when we part without it!

Posted by: Flibby at April 14, 2006 09:18 PM
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