April 04, 2006

Fitness with Flibby

You know, for all my talk of getting into shape and then not really getting into shape like I wanted, I really am exercising more than I did all through college. So, if you look at it from THAT perspective, I'm really kind of sort of in better shape than ever.

Except for those times when I was in better shape. Of course.

Well, I joined a new gym here in New York. Let's do a little economic comparison:

In Georgia, I paid $12.50 a month, which I will admit is low even for Georgia. For a really good gym with classes and all that, $50 in Georgia is not out of the question.

Here in New York City, I am paying something north of $85 a month.

But I live in the New York City and it's worth it.

I really do need to get into better shape. I went to a gay bar a while back and I was smartly dressed and it took like ten minutes to get the bartender's attention. And there are hot guys all over the place.

I'm not really complaining about the hot guys part, mind you. I'm complaining about not getting the service I want and deserve and I'm vainly connecting that to a reason to work out. Stick with me here.

ANNNNNNNYWAY, I joined the gym and my new gym offers classes, which I think is great because it is easier for me to work out with a buddy and classes are like working out with 30 buddies. Buddies I've never met before but buddies nonetheless.

This morning I went to spin class.

I hate that spin class is called "spin class" but "stationary bike class" doesn't come out as easily.

Spin Class is a fitness class devised by satan. I'm not complaining because I like that sort of thing, but... well, yes, I am complaining. But I'm complaining because it's really hard, which is actually a good thing.

Spin Class is two days a week in the morning. In the evening of those days, I am now going to ab class.

Ab class is another thing that the prince of darkness devised.

Right now, I'm unable to sit up or walk, which really is the best part about getting into shape.

So, here we go again!

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