February 08, 2006

Overheard in Office Chat

In reference to the Viral Billiards Game that Ice Scribe showed us:

Flibby: My pet peeve isn't the direction but the speed.
Cow Oker: yeah.
Flibby: Sometimes, I just wanna tap it, not throw it at 100 mph around the screen.
Flibby: And also, I don't believe the balls are bouncing right.
Flibby:Like, according to physics.
Flibby:1) there doesn't seem to be any loss of energy on impact
Flibby:2) there's no compensation for spin, so the angles of the bounces seem to be off sometimes.
Flibby: But, I might be asking too much.
Cow Oker: yeah, i noticed that too
Flibby: And the balls look like boobs.
Cow Oker: hahaha
Cow Oker: a small complaint
Flibby: I guess they could look like vaginas and that would be really effed up.
Cow Oker:very effed up.
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