November 15, 2005

I Feel the Need for Speed

Well, I'm just a few days more than a week away from the Atlanta Half Marathon. I'm hoping to break the 2 hour mark on this one.

After that, I'm giving serious thought to backing away from running a bit to focus on weight training.

This is an item of conflict for me because I love running. For me, it's far easier and more pleasurable than lifting weights. Actually, I hate lifting weights, so sometimes I almost think I'd rather have a sharp stick in the eye than lift weights.

But all for beauty, right?

So, I think I might restrict my running to once or twice a week and doing speed training instead of distance training. My running buddy probably won't like that; she prefers the distance stuff -- even though I can't seem to convince her to do a full marathon yet.

So, I could ease up from running until about mid-February and then start distance training for the Country Music Half in April. On the downside, I was really giving serious thought to doing the full marathon in April with or without my running buddy. If I ease up on distance and wait that long to begin training, I don't see how I would be ready in time.

We'll see. I have a little more than a week to make up my mind.

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Oi, Flibby--If you're going to be anywhere 'round our place on Turkey Day, feel free to drop in for a post-run glass of sherry! Or Gatorade, or whatever.

Posted by: Ice Scribe at November 16, 2005 11:07 AM
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