June 29, 2005

Good News / Bad News

I went and met with the undergraduate advisor for Art History this afternoon to see what kind of time/energy investment I am looking at to tack on that degree to this adventure.

After MUCH hemming and hawing over the complete disarray that is my academic transcript from my first undergraduate degree (If you're wondering: I graduated with a SINGLE degree with 157 credit hours. Most majors here only require 120 or, at most, 127.) we came up with our best and worst case scenarios, depending on what requirements my past coursework will meet.

Best case:
I will have to take 7 upper level courses and none of them have to focus on any art created earlier than 1890.

Worst case:
I will have to take 10 upper level courses and none of them have to focus on any art created earlier than 1890.

She also informed me that if my core classes also satisfy my philosophy requirements, the most that can be expected of me over in the philosophy department is 10 upper level philosophy courses.

SO! Worst case scenario with my double major, I will have to take 20 courses. At 5 courses a semester, that will take me about a year and a half. If I move more slowly for the sake of actual learning, which might be wise considering the path I'm choosing, I'm looking at two years.

You might think I'm crazy for being relieved about this, but I was actually fearing that adding this other major would make my stay in undergraduate studies last into a third year.

The next thing I have to do: See if I can get back into the Honors program. Being in the Honors program at UGA might be good for lots of things, but the thing I most appreciate is being able to register ahead of everyone else, so I get first pick of classes.

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