November 07, 2004

Overheard in Chat

Buddy: Oh, did you hear about the english play that was playing in Athens this weekend? Shopping and Fucking?

Flibby: No.

Flibby: Because I'm not like that.

Buddy: It's about drugs and gay sex and dysfunctional relationships in London.

Flibby: They have lots of all those things in London, though.

Flibby: They're very close to Amsterdam.

Buddy: It features actual naked "simulations" of gay sex on stage.

Buddy: The performances this weekend were sold out.

Flibby: a "simulation" of gay sex?

Buddy: Like, they stopped short of penetration, since that would be illegal on stage.

Buddy: But they made it look like there was penetration.

Flibby: That's gay sex as far as I'm concerned.

Flibby: Why is that illegal on stage?

Buddy: I'm not sure why, but that's what somebody said.

Flibby: Hi, you bought tickets to a play called Shopping and Fucking.

Flibby: Also, rumor has it that it's about gay sex.

Flibby: I think they should be obliged to have real gay sex because of that.

Flibby: It's false advertising if they don't.

Buddy: hahaha

Buddy: And they should shop too.

Flibby: Yes. I need to see money changing hands in return for goods and/or services.

Buddy: I heard that they wanted to be a little modest, so they kept their shirts on while they simulated the intercourse.

Flibby: That's annoying to me.

Flibby: Like people who want to keep on their socks.

Flibby: I see no room for modesty in gay sex.

Buddy: If I were the director, I think I would have objected.

Flibby: Just scream, "GAAAAYYYY SSSEEEEEXXXXX!!!!"

Flibby: "Get to work!"

Posted by Flibbertigibbet at November 7, 2004 07:07 PM

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