December 03, 2007 Madness

I have been in a remarkably indifferent/cynical mood about romance lately.  I don't feel like dating and when the thought crosses my mind and I look up from my life to see who's around, I am vexed by how completely unsuitable so many people are.

Well, years ago, a friend of mine was on and spotted someone he thought he might be interested in.  He sent me a link to the profile, but I couldn't see the profile without creating a profile of my own.  Convenient.

So, I created a profile with minimal information so that I could see this link.  I don't remember how that turned out, but later I returned to and decided to update my profile with good info, just to see what might happen.

Nothing happened.  I've refused to pay for that sort of thing, so I can't try all the features they offer, but that doesn't stop people from "winking" at me.  I always look at the profile of the winker and 100% of the time so far they've been wankers and so I've declined their wink.

Anyway, after I moved to NYC, I kept getting winks from people in Georgia and South Carolina, which was weird to me because I changed my zip code to NYC.  It actually got pretty irritating.

Well, on Saturday, after getting a couple of new winks (I used to get one or two a week, but sometimes two or three in a single day) I finally found the place where I could update my location to NYC.  And so I did that.

NOW I'm getting all these winks from people here in New York, too!  *sigh*  And they're all from people who are completely unsuitable for dating me.  I'm not even talking about looks.  I'm talking about basic qualifications. 

The biggest eliminator of suitors is faith. I refuse to date anyone who is not an atheist.  My profile says this:

I refuse to date people of faith. I think a person's opinion on those matters is important and fundamental to their view of life and even as an atheist, I'm the same way.   ATHEISTS  ONLY.
But Christians and everything else keep winking at me and sending me messages.

I just don't understand what these people are thinking.  Maybe they didn't read my profile closely enough.  That's a possibility, but I find myself increasingly frustrated with these people and am starting to think that the dating pool is polluted with gum-smacking, mouth-breathing, window-licking idjits.

I've been tempted to pay for a couple of months worth membership to to see what I can see, but at this rate, I am so unimpressed with the candidates that I can only say that it would be a phenomenal waste of my money, time, and energy to deal with it.

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