June 21, 2009

Restaurant Review: Uncle Jack's Steakhouse

Kevin from Wisecracks and Wisdom visited me this weekend and we went to dinner this evening at Uncle Jack's.

Uncle Jack's is a steak place very much like Keene's, which I like quite a bit, although I find the atmosphere to be a bit stuffy there at Keene's.  Uncle Jack's is pretty posh.  I wore a t-shirt and jeans and Kevin wore a polo shirt and jeans.  We both felt underdressed, but since it was an early dinner, we got over it.  I would recommend at least a button-down if not a jacket at a minimum for this place.  A tie would probably be ideal.

The service was phenomenal and I noted something a little remarkable even for NYC from our waiter.  If you have an ounce of social perspicacity, you know I'm gay.  And you see me with another male and you will conclude that there's a date or something going on.  Our waiter appeared to be rather typically straight.  When he approached out table he was open and congenial.  But he gave no sign at all that he thought we were a gay couple, but realizing the possibility, he very evenly asked, "Are we celebrating a special occasion?"  This may not seem like a big deal, but it's a very even question that applies to all possible scenarios.  We might be two straight guys just out for a steak.  We might be friends celebrating a birthday.  We might be on a date.  We might be celebrating an anniversary.  Or any number of gay or straight possibilities.  I really appreciated not only his discretion, but the directness, friendliness, and openness with which he delivered the inquiry.

In addition to this, he was very helpful and friendly.  I will say it was rather American-style service. 

European wait staff tend to leave you alone.  You often have to ask for more water or drinks.  You have to ask for the check.

American service is a lot more hands-on.  They check in frequently.  They volunteer the check -- a gesture which Europeans apparently regard as rude and as an indication that they are being asked to leave the table.

I like a slightly higher amount of attention, but prefer to ask for the check.  Even as our waiter volunteered the check, he made it clear that we were welcome to stay and sit longer.  He was very good about it in my opinion.

Now the food.

We started with the Maryland crab cakes.  They seemed to be solid crab meat with some cheese and herbs.  Very, very good.

We skipped the salad and went straight to the steaks.  We both had the Kobe filet mignon.  It was absolutely, hands down the BEST steak I have ever had in my life.  We both ordered the steaks "rare-plus" which is where the middle is pink, but warm, as opposed to pink and cool.  The texture was softer and smoother that any beef I've ever had.  They seared the steak in something sweet and there was a very flavorful crust on the outside.  The inside was moist and tasty.  Words fail when I try to describe this.

For sides, we asked for sauteed onions and some garlic mashed potatoes.  Both were good, but I only had a bit eof each because the steaks were so large.  The steaks were supposed to be 15oz.  They seemed to be the size of footballs.  SO GOOD.

We also got some kind of chocolate cake thing for dessert.  The name escapes me.  I had a few bites and it was also quite tasty.

But I have to say that since I've had this steak, all other food pales in comparison.  It was insanely good.

The prices were actually moderate for the kind of food we were eating.  Our filets were only $75 each.  Other so-called Kobe and Wagyu steaks in the city run about $100.  This was nearly 1lb of steak for just $75.  Bargain.

So, I strongly recommend Uncle Jack's.  They have three locations in the city for your convenience, so make a point to try it out.  Food is great.  Service is very strong.

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2 Drunk cows must be HILARIOUS.

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