January 15, 2009

The No Spending Countdown - CONTINUED!!!

Last night, I was checking my bank account and noticed that the rent from my rental property had come in.  And then today I got paid by my day job.  Because I haven't been spending money, I feel like I'm INCREDIBLY RICH!!!

It's awesome.  Of course, tomorrow, various payments to credit cards and whatnot are going out, so it will be depleted rapidly, but that's OK.  It means I will be able to provide you all with a very positive update about my credit card balances.

Sadly, while I was in Detroit for these past two days, I spent $3.25 on sodas and tips for the coat check lady.  (I know!  I had two sodas! Completely in spite of the fact that after a couple of sips, I was tired of drinking them.  I guess my tastes are shifting a little.)

So, I haven't earned any new money lately, which means this update is already longer than it should be.

$3.25 Spending
$0.00 Income
$23.08 Total

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