March 14, 2007

Is This a Phase?

There are times when this blog seems like a gay blog to me. It's like gay gay gay. Always gay. Gay this. Gay that. Gay marriage. Gay army guys. Gay army guys. Gay army guys...

One moment

Gay marines. And gay.

Right now, this blog seems like an environmentalism blog. It's like GLOBAL WARMING! Well, except we sit around thinking of reasons to hate environmentalists and discredit claims to anthropogenic climate change.

I'm not even all that interested in environmentalism. Well, I guess I used to not be. It seems like I'm interested now.

That video that Justin showed me really irked me. And all those examples that Inspector gave of environmentalists lying. And the fact that PeTA is in with the greens. (I HATE those people.) And then Chris McKenzie's discussion of the intellectual flaws in the environmentalist arguments (even if I'm not fully on board with them). Add it all up and I'm really kind of irritated with those environmentalists.

And NOW Cox and Forkum has a cartoon up about it. They even mention the video Justin showed me. The cartoon is funny because it's true.

It shows a scientist being stretched on the rack while a druid or priest or something of environmentalism stands over him. The scientist is screaming out that he agrees with anthropogenic climate change so that they'll stop stretching him. And the priest is saying, "Very well... give the heretic back his research funds."

That's kind of what happens. If a scientist DARES question the highly questionable evidence offered up for anthropogenic climate change, then other scientists snub him and he gets his funding taken away. They probably won't even let him eat at their lunch table any more. Shady bastards.

The more you look into the history of the global warming argument and the environmental movement, the more it becomes clear that they aren't just a bunch of man-hating, communist, dirt-worshiping, hippie-freak. They're ALSO a bunch of lying, manipulative cult-leaders.

It's no wonder to me now that when Greg Perkins sees an environmentalist open his mouth all he can hear is the deafening rush of hot air from the void and all Inspector sees is bullseye. It's too bad that you can't just toss a ball in there and watch this whole global warming fuss take the plunge.

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1 *sniff* I'm so proud of you, Trey!

Posted by: Inspector at March 15, 2007 01:28 AM (P9A4m)

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