April 20, 2009

Did You Need More Proof that Environmentalists Hate You?

I found this over at AdRants and I think they sum it up correctly:

Evergreen, the non-profit organization devoted to improving the livability of urban environments in Canada has a series of posters out showing how people die happy so that trees may live on.

The ads don't really seem to say anything about people dying, but with the bodiless heads inverted to form the roots of bushes and trees, it's difficult to take these ads any other way.

I also think it's interesting that the writer at AdRants can't seem to finish this sentence: "Normally, sustainable environments are important parts of the fragile..."

It's as if they know it's a lot of BS too.

Keep in mind: I'm not opposed to making urban environments more livable for people.  If that means getting some plants, fine.  What I object to is the implication that the goal is to bring nature into the city for no other reason than to see "nature" "thrive" even at the symbolic expense of human thriving and prosperity.

But that's just what environmentalism is about, no?

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