October 22, 2007


My face twitches.  I hate it.  It's related to stress.  If I concentrate, I can relax the muscles and make it stop twitching, but these little muscle spasms are really annoying.

The thing that worries me about it is the fact that it's getting worse.

The twitching first manifested itself two or three years ago when I was at my last job and completely hating it and stupidly not finding a new job.  It started as just a twitching at one of my eyes, which I think most everyone experiences from time to time. 

The only problem was that it went on pretty much non-stop for several weeks. And it spread to both eyes.

Eventually, it slowed again and went away.   But periodically, during times of stress, it would come back.  And different areas of my face, usually around my eyes would twitch.

Well, over the past few weeks I've working late a lot and there was the Mister Bookworm thing and basically I've been kind of stressed out.  And my face has been twitching.  My chin has twitched a little.  My eyes have twitched a little.  The muscles that control my upper lip have been twitching.

I don't think people can see it happening and, like I said, I can relax the muscles and make it stop, but still.

What if it doesn't stop?  What if it gets worse?  What if it does become visible?  And what if I lose my ability to relax the muscles and make it stop.

I'm going to watch it for a little bit, but I think I might go to my doctor about it.

If anyone has any information on this sort of thing, I'd like to read more about it.

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1 That usually happens to me when I forget to take my vitamins for a while, and usually goes away when I resume taking them. Have you been taking your vitamins, Flib?

Posted by: Inspector at October 23, 2007 05:02 AM (yST62)

2 Yes, I take my Men's One-a-Day every day that I'm at work.  And I also take my fish oil for the good cholesterols.

I wonder if maybe I could eating something that makes it worse instead of making it better.

Posted by: Flibbertigibbet at October 23, 2007 08:02 AM (ErOeR)

3 There's always the Botox™.  That would stop the twitching for as long as 6 months.  It would, of course, stop everything else, too.

Maybe it would help if of Mr. Ice Chewer and Mr. Flu Shots stopped being quite so stress-inducing.  I know they make my face twitch just reading about them.


Posted by: Qwertz at October 23, 2007 11:09 AM (7dsub)

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