October 18, 2005

Walk This Way!

The title of this post is probably more appropriate to something I'll post on Friday.

My arms are all noodley today from working out. I'm not complaining; it's awesome.

This morning at the gym, I focused on chest and triceps because my partner was doing cardio and I don't need to do any cardio. I know. I told you already.

Anyway, I'm finding that my arms are not very interested in being straight right now. And my shoulders are trying to make me look like Quasimoto.

I am so happy that tomorrow we work on legs, which is why I should have saved the title of this post for Friday.

Anyway. I'm just loving being sore. We'll see how long the romance period lasts, though.

Oh! And I managed to fix my hairs today by afixing a comb to my steering wheel and leaning down so that my hair could be arranged by the turning of the wheel. This says a lot about the back of my hair right now, but I don't have to look at that part.

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Category: Fitness with Flibby
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