January 19, 2004

Cognitive Dissonance Quick List

Quick post before I really get crackin’ on some superturbofun managerial accounting homework. (I’m trying to psych myself up to it.) This is a list of things that just bother me a little. They aren't things that really make me mad or anything but they make the inside of my skull itch.

  • Open cupboards
  • When someone opens the microwave door before their time is up and doesn’t cancel out the remaining time.
  • When gay men refer to each other with female pronouns. It confuses me because I think they're really talking about a lady named Dick and then I start to think about how unfortunate her name is for her.
  • Lables on jars that are only partially removed.
  • When the waitress sets my drink down in a different spot from where it was when she picked it up for refill.
  • Subscription stickers on the covers of magazines.
  • Stacked food.
For the sake of being fair and balanced, here's a list of things that actually bug me-bug me:
  • When people dog ear books.
  • When gay men refer to each other as "queen," "fag," "sister," or "girl."
  • Twistie-ties like those that come on bread packages.
  • The sticky plastic strip on the top of new CDs that doesn't come off easily nor in one piece.
  • Organized protests, parades, and other things that involve people milling around in my way without any apparent purpose other than to simply be in the way.
  • When stores put price stickers on glass where it leaves a glue residue in an important place like the glass of a picture frame.

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Here's one of my pet peeves: People who stand on or at the foot or top of staircases or in doorways.

Posted by: G. Murry at January 20, 2004 03:01 PM (SEa1y)

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