April 21, 2009

Sweet Dreams

I had one of the most pleasant dreams I can remember the night before last.

There wasn't much "plot" to it that I can remember but just a couple of flashes.  In the first flash, I was holding my infant daughter while she slept. She couldn't have been but a month or two old and she was just sleeping peacefully in my arms, so warm and soft and tiny.  She had wispy dark hair and was a little pink and cream all over, the most beautiful baby I've ever seen.

And in the second flash, I had cleared away a little spot for her next to me on my bed and I was watching her sleep and I looked up because my husband was coming into the room.  I can't remember what he looked like -- probably because I don't have a husband -- but I remember how the baby smelled.

It was that warm, sweet, clean baby smell.

And the whole dream was just full of a sense of happiness and satisfaction.  My heart was full to breaking with the joy of life with my daughter sleeping next to me and my husband there taking care of us.

I do remember a fleeting question about if I was feeling how mothers feel or if I was feeling what fathers feel.  And I remember the thought passing as quickly as it came because it just didn't matter in light of how perfectly I felt it.

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