May 17, 2009

I Heart Kids

Yesterday, I attended L'Italiana's bridal shower/BBQ and had a lot of fun.  One of the most fun things I got to do was play with the kids.  There was a set of triplets who were about two and a half and then a 3 year old who generally refuses to talk to me.

The triplets are fascinating because not only are they at a really cool age developmentally speaking, they're triplets, so they share a lot of the same experiences and their individual development plays off of the others. 

For example, they're already demonstrating "twin speak" where they have what sounds like a foreign language that they understand, but no one else really does.  What's neat, though, is they also realize that no one else speaks that language and the modify how they speak when they address other people.  I don't know if they do it consciously because at two and a half they still have quite a ways to go in terms of basic language development.

They're super-cute, though.  It's super fun to see them playing and exploring and learning.

The most adorable thing was when I loaded them into their car seats to go home, I said, "Thank you for playing with me!"  They said, "You're welcome!"  Such good manners!

AND because I was playing with the triplets, the three year old decided that she was allowed to talk to me, too.  So, she and I played a little, too.

It was a fun day and it just reminds me how much I want kids of my own some day.  I don't know if it will really ever work out, but I hope so.  My "biological clock" just seems to be ticking loudly these days.

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1 They sound fun! Two and a half is a GREAT age, one of my favorites so far. I'm dying for you to meet my kids!

Posted by: Rational Jenn at May 17, 2009 09:19 PM (uQ7sR)

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