May 14, 2009

Could More Happen to Me Right Now?

My schedule has been absolutely out of control recently and the next 6 days are going to be among the most intense of my adult life.

On Friday, I am going to pick up the keys to my new apartment and take some measurements of the interior space.  Then, I am getting on a train and heading out to spend the weekend with L'Italiana.  This weekend with her isn't optional -- otherwise, I would move on Saturday to get it over with -- because it's her bridal shower.  (She's doing a coed party thing.)

Also on Friday, I start calling into jury duty.

On Tuesday, I have to go on a business trip because on Wednesday I am doing a major presentation for one of my clients that could make or break our business.

I'll fly back on Wednesday night because at 9am on Thursday, the movers will be here to pack and move me into Manhattan.

There are a million things I need to do to prepare for these things and I've already been running at full speed for a couple of weeks now.

Which brings me to a bit of a dilemma I have right now.  I work on two major accounts at work.  They're both extremely demanding.  I enjoy the diversity of demands that I get to confront in a day, but there is a limit to the amount of things I can get done in a day and there are times when I can't get everything done that is asked of me. I try not to over-commit, but even the basic expectations are hard to meet. Like right now.

So, I was a little disappointed when an executive I trust and respect told me that he thought I should give up one of my accounts.  It wasn't because I hadn't met some expectation, but because he knows how busy I am and it was his opinion that the two accounts were simply too much.

Right now, it is too much.  But I don't think it will stay like this.  But what if it does?  I'm kind of worried about that right now and I don't have any real way to hand off one of the accounts.  If I ask to have one of them reassigned, I will make my boss's life more difficult and I run the risk of creating a perception of being the sort of person who cuts and runs when the going gets tough.  Is that better or worse than someone who actually just fails?

Anyway, I'll work it out.  It's just crrrrazy right now!

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