June 16, 2009

Science Experiment Fail

Yesterday, I took my laundry out for a wash, but it won't be ready for pick up until today, so I had a legitimate reason to sleep on my sofa last night.

So, I decided to try to sleep on the chaise portion of my sofa, which is oriented north-south like my bed.  Unfortunately, it's not nearly long enough, so I could not stretch out and I ended up spending another fairly sleepless night until I shifted over to the east-west side of the sofa.

So, I still don't really know if the whole north-south/east-west thing is a factor.

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June 15, 2009

Why Can't I Sleep?

I really haven't had a good night's sleep in my new apartment -- unless I sleep on my couch.

I don't know what's wrong.  I can usually sleep soundly pretty much anywhere, but for nearly a month now my own bed has felt like some alien place that isn't right for sleeping.  It's the same mattress I've slept on for nearly 8 years now.

There aren't too many things that I can think of that might affect my sleep.  It is darker and quieter in my room than it's even been in the past three years, but that should make it EASIER to sleep, not harder.  Also, I sleep just fine on my sofa.

There are two differences between my sofa and my bed that I can think of, but neither of them seem to me to be things that would affect my sleep.

First, my bed is way up off of the ground.  I put it on risers so I could store things under there.  I used to sleep in a loft in college and had no problems with that, but it's been many years since then and perhaps I'm just not used to it.

Second, and I know this sounds like crazy talk, my bed isn't oriented the way I'm used to it being oriented.  For the past six or seven years, my bed has always been oriented east-west.  It wasn't by design, it's just how things worked out.  And now my bed is oriented north-south.  As far as I know, this should have no affect on my sleeping, but maybe?

I don't know, but I cannot sleep on my sofa all the time.  It's just not civilized.

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