June 30, 2008

OCON is Here, but I'm Not There

Everyone is gone away at OCON and I'm not! 

Maybe next time.

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June 29, 2008


I don't have words to describe how tired I am right now.

I was up way past my bed time last night and this morning, I woke up and went to the gym.  Although I did get a smoothie from Jamba Juice, I didn't actually eat before my workout and I didn't eat until a couple of hours after it.

My workout was awesome.  And by awesome, I mean it kicked my ass.  Hard.  I totally loved it.  But, seriously, eating is important.  And so is sleeping.

And it's a quarter to 9 right now.  I think I'm going to bed shortly.

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June 27, 2008


I went to the dentist today for a filling on a cavity. 

But I'm telling you about this because I had fun with the anesthetic.  The filling was in the back and they gave me a shot and half of my lip went numb, but what was more difficult to notice was that muscles above my mouth on that side of my face also went numb.

As a result, I couldn't wrinkle my nose on one side.  I wish I had my video camera with me so I could show you.

I thought it was funny, but my coworkers are getting annoyed with the constant updates on my numb face.

It's science!!!

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June 15, 2008

Workaholism and Me

Since I'm, once again, sitting in my office today and really not very happy about it since I really could have used a little more sleepy time this morning, I've been thinking lately about how I've been working so many hours and not really paid as well as I should be for it.

(Someone told me that a certain direct competitor of ours hires people at about 20% higher salaries.  That could be gossip, but since I did a telephone interview with them recently and they didn't blink at all at my asking salary, I'm inclined to agree. I did decline to take the interview process further, though, because I don't want my next job to be the same job I have now even if it is for more money.)

I've been pondering a theory lately that workaholics don't necessarily work all the time because they want to or even because they think it is necessary to do so in order to succeed.  I think some people go through a spell of working a lot and then they forget what they used to do when they didn't work so much.  And they forget the things they wanted to do with their spare time.  And then, they find themselves waking up at 5:30 on a Saturday and being too restless to sleep more and so they get up and try to find something to do, but they're bored with everything in their apartment, so they start thinking about work and then they think they'll just do a little work and get ahead and then they wind up working.  And working.  And working...

On a slightly unrelated note, I had a dream last night that Diana showed me a draft of Chapter 13 of her dissertation.  We were at her house for some reason and talking about our work and so she was showing me what she'd done.  Paul was there, too, but I can't remember what he was doing.  One of my friends was there (I'm not sure which) and we were all having dinner at one point.  Hmmmmm...

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June 14, 2008

Because It's Saturday, I'm in the Office, and I Need to Know that Happiness is Right Around the Corner

My television broke this morning.  It won't even come on now.  Looks like I'm television shopping this evening after work.

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I just realized that I am wearing a shirt that looks absolutely TERRIBLE with the shorts I'm wearing today.  (Yep.  Wearing shorts today.)

Maybe people will just think I'm a delightful little weirdo because my shirt is really fun and my shorts are nice.


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June 13, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

After the day started oh so well, things turned sour after lunch.  And then they got worse.  And then they got worse still.

When I left, things were in quite a bad state and I am due back at the office at the crack tomorrow.  And on Sunday.

It will be a full weekend.  I'm planning to attend the Brooklyn Gay Pride festivities tomorrow in addition to working.  Then, on Sunday, I'm working a bit more and then going to the Tony Awards at Radio City.

It will be a full and busy weekend, not nearly as restful as I would prefer.  But as one of my coworkers really wants to say, them's the breaks.

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The weather is beautiful and I'm in a FANTASTIC mood.

I'm wearing a really comfy shirt that looks good and my favorite jeans.

I think if everything keeps going well, then I might leave work a bit early today and find a margarita or something.


more cat pictures

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June 11, 2008

Can't Blog Because My Computer is Turned Off

I've powered off my lappy for the past couple of day mostly because it's just so hot.

As a result, I haven't been online at home in the evenings and it's been delightfully calm.

So, I'm going to go back to doing that now...  (Top Chef is on anyway.)

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June 08, 2008

Nice Sunday Evening

I had such a nice evening today.  My friend, TigerKitten, and I went down to the Christopher Street Pier and ate dinner and people watched.  It was cheap and fun.

I really should try to get out of my apartment more.  There's a lot to do in this city here.

Speaking of this city here, I've had a bit of the wanderlust lately.  It occurs to me that contrary to early predictions and expectations, I won't be here forever.  I think I'll always come back because it's New York and I love it so much.  But there are lots of places that are probably lots of fun.

Chicago looks like fun.  So does San Francisco.  Miami. Houston. Phoenix.  Boston.  DC. Seattle.

I've never actually lived in Atlanta.

Santiago.  Buenos Aires.  San Jose.  Bogata. Caracas. London. Paris. Lisbon.  Rome. Madrid.  Barcelona.  Stockholm.  Copenhagan.  Berlin.  Dublin.

Ok.  Maybe not Dublin.  I've never been there, but James Joyce is enough dissuasion.

I'd consider Hong Kong and Tokyo for the right amount of money.

Maybe I just need a travel vacation, but a visit doesn't seem like enough time to really know a place.

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Broken Teevee?

My television set has developed a strange set of lines at the top of the picture.  It looks to be about two and a half inches from the top.  Sometimes, it's a bunch of white lines and sometimes it shows up as a copy of that same segment but inverted, so it looks like there's a layer featuring an upside-down version of the same section of the image.

At first, I thought maybe it was something wrong with that particular channel, but it's on all my channels.  I tested a DVD and it's there, too.

I'm waiting to buy myself a television set until after I pay off my credit cards.  This is going to provide a super annoying incentive to pay them off more quickly.

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HONK! HONK! [Insert Croation Screaming Here] HONK! HONK


I live above a hardware store which is right next to a Croatian bar.  The people in this bar like sports, air horns, and screaming.

Apparently, there was some kind of sporting event today in which a Croatian team was pitted against some other team.  And as of about 10 minutes ago, it sounds like the Croatians won.

Good for them.  Bad for my peace of mind because the street is now filled with screaming people with airhorns.  I'm tempted to call the police because their celebration is going on for about 9 minutes and 45 seconds longer than I really appreciate.

I'm tempted to go to one of these disreputable-looking haircuttery places right now to get away from my shaggy hair and the screaming Croatians.

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June 01, 2008

I Need A Reason to Want to Get to Know You

I spend a not insignificant amount of time on the internet.  This is facilitated largely by the fact that my job happens mostly on the internet.  But I also like how the internet provides me with SO much information so readily.

For this reason, I actually enjoy finding people to date on the internet rather than in real life.

When you meet someone in real life, you can see if they're attractive and you can see if they have enough personality to carry on a light conversation.  But you get no hints as to that person's ability to carry on a deep conversation.  You can't tell what their political views are.  You can't tell what their view on religion is.

I am a crazy person and I make it a point to clear up some of these questions on the first date.  But I hate doing that.  It's so heavy-handed and socially awkward.  The investment in a first date is not large but does have a fair opportunity costs.

Basically, a first date that doesn't lead to a second and third date is a waste of my time.

Of course, if you meet someone out and about and you're just trying to make new friends, that's cool.  It's easy to make new friends in real life, but it's still easier to do so on the internet because you immediately know if you share common interests on which you can establish your friendly acquaintance.

Here's where I diverge from the way most people use the internet to make friends and romances:

Many people on the internet just look for someone who is attractive and can carry a life conversation -- just like they do in real life.  They're willing to meet up with someone, hang out, and even go on a first date after one or two quick chats.  It doesn't matter if you've established that you are romantically incompatible or not.  They're still willing to date.  They want to meet everyone because they think, "You never know who you'll get on with, so give everyone a chance!"

Not me.  I know when I won't get on with someone.  I can tell if I will want to be friends with them.  I can tell if I will want to date them.  That's the whole reason there are profiles on the internet in the first place!

I do NOT think most people in the world are worth meeting.  I do NOT think romance is a big mystery.  I do NOT think friendships happen randomly.  The whole notion of "opposites attract" is foolishness.

See?  Ridiculous.

But I think people think that relationships are magic.  You just mix some eye of newt, some wing of bat, and some other unknown and mysterious substances and POOF!  A friendship or a relationship is born.

Some argue that the internet does not grant me a full view of people's personalities and that they have more dimension than is reflected in their self-descriptions.

Well, why didn't they reference those extra dimensions when they wrote their profiles?  If those aspects of their lives are so attractive, how come they didn't make sure that I saw them or at least know that there's more there?

I'm just not willing to meet anyone from the internet.  I need a good reason for it.  There are lots of people in the world.  Many have interesting stories to tell.  Many are boring and silly, though.  I have no reason or inclination to invest my time in a coin toss.

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