July 25, 2005

Pronunciation Key

I never thought it would come to this, but I had an experience this morning that, once again, showed that my optimism in my fellow human beings is sometimes wildly misplaced.

The name of this blog is "Trey Givens" and it corresponds closely my actual name. In fact, I answer to "Trey" in many contexts.

The first word is pronounced "tra" with a long A. There is but one syllable and it sounds identical to the word "tray."

The second word is pronounced "giv-enz" with a hard G and both vowels short. Two syllables in this one, still no biggie. It's like the past participle of the word "give" but with an s on the end.

I was sitting in the hospital waiting room this morning when the nurse called for "Tyree." (That's "ti-re" with two syllables, a long I and a long E. I could also write it "tie-ree.") No one responded. When no one responded I looked up at her and squinted to read from her clipboard from across the room. (I had laser eye surgery a while back, so I can do stuff like that.) I realized that she was pronouncing "trey" as "tyree."

I assure you all, that this is most definitely incorrect.

I'm tempted to think that contributing to the high price of healthcare may be the cost to cover stupidity.

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July 04, 2005

Not My Natural Eye Color

My eyes are normally blue, but in the following photographs, they appear red. This is actually a little bit cool because it matches my shirt.

I'm showing you these photos because this isn't my natural hair color either! *gasp*

I just wanted to show off my friend Vivefresh's handiwork.

So, if you're ever in Athens, GA and you need a stylist, I recommend City Salon & Spa.

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